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About Us

Welcome to the Tishomingo County School District

TCS – Together we Can Succeed!

Nestled in the rolling hills of northeast Mississippi lives a county full of natural splendor and beauty.  Tishomingo County is home to two state parks – Tishomingo State Park and J.P. Coleman State Park – in which families can rock climb and hike nature trails or camp along the Tennessee River and catch a day on the lake.  Tishomingo County is also home to the state’s highest point of elevation – Woodall Mountain (807 ft.).  Even with the many natural wonders in the county, its best attraction is its people. 

The same sentiment applies to the school district and its schools.  Our schools are full of qualified, innovative, and dedicated staff whose goal is to “ensure excellence” for its students.  Our district, which consolidated in 1991, has long been an educational leader in the state and known for our outstanding schools.  The district earned the state’s highest ranking of “A” in 2018 and has maintained it since that time.  Seven campuses comprise our district:  Belmont School (K-12), Burnsville Elementary (K-8), Iuka Elementary (K-4), Iuka Middle (5-8), Tishomingo County Career and Technical Center (9-12), Tishomingo County High School (9-12), and Tishomingo Elementary School (K-8). 

Our high school and middle school programs provide students with a variety of learning opportunities through rigorous course offerings (including Advanced Placement courses and dual credit courses) as well as involvement in clubs, athletics, fine arts, and civic organizations.  Also, our high school students are allowed to participate in our Career and Technical Education Center from which they can choose programs ranging from culinary arts to engineering and robotics.  Our CTE center is ranked among the best in the state from year to year.  Technology is an integral part of the daily student experience in grades 5-12 with our district’s one-to-one iPad initiative. 

Our elementary programs are designed to create community with small teacher to student ratios and lay a foundation for success through a focus on reading, writing, mathematics, science and history.  Also, experiences through music, technology, and physical education are provided to ensure the development of the whole child is accomplished.  Our district is pursuing a one-to-one iPad initiative as well for our elementary students in 2020. 

The community support that the Tishomingo County Special Municipal Separate School District receives is evident through volunteers, financial support, and school spirit on display in each community.  As our vision states, “Together, we strive to prepare all students to be productive citizens by ensuring excellence.”  We know with the support of our communities, the empowerment of their education, and the dedication of our staff, our students will be prepared to lead in the future – locally, regionally, and nationally.